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Top 5 most traded assets


Crude Oil is a naturally occurring fossil fuel. It is one of the world’s most in-demand commodities. This is because it can be separated or refined into various consumer, industrial and energy products. Two main quality types are the United States’ West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and United Kingdom’s Brent crude.

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Dow Jones 30 is an index used for tracking U.S. market performance. It consists of stocks of 30 major companies. The composition of the index changes regularly, as stocks and the industries it represents fall in and out of favor. Right now, companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike and Walt Disney are included in the index.

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EUR/USD is the most popular traded currency pair in the world. It is representing the world’s two largest economies. Rich volatility and volume attract day traders from all over the world. Abundance of financial data is being released on this pairing, thus making them straightforward to follow.

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Gold has always been valued by societies all around the world for its allure. Today it is viewed as the ultimate safe-haven asset. Gold can mostly sustain market turbolence and retain its value in periods of uncertanty. In previous years, increased wealth of emerging market economies boosted demand for gold.

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Ripple (XRP) is an independent digital asset that is native to the Ripple Consensus Ledger. It has a proven governance and the fastest transaction confirmation of its kind. XRP is said to be the most efficient settlement option for financial institutions and liquidity providers. Charts will show that the price of XRP may be due for a breakout in early 2019.

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