Story of Success: A Young Mom Makes $10,000 a Month.

Story of Success: A Young Mom Makes $10,000 a Month.

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Jessica Price, a young mom from Kent, made $11,695 last month without even leaving home. Jessica tells “Women” her success story.

When I just got pregnant, John, my husband, and I agreed that I’ll stay at home with our baby till the time he or she goes to school. We wanted to have a baby for a long time and were on cloud nine when it finally happened. John had a safe and stable job and had a decent salary for our small town, so it seemed nothing could go wrong.

Three months since our baby girl was born, we suddenly understood things were not as simple they seemed to be. John’s salary was never enough. Babies grow fast, there is always need for new clothes and things. Diapers, tissues, formula milk, pacifiers - you always need more.

Our daughter is a sickly child, she cries a lot, especially at night. John got very tired at work, we never had enough sleep and started arguing a lot. One day he shouted he was sick and tired of me doing nothing when he’s the one trying his best and making money. I cried myself to sleep that night.

When the morning came, I decided to prove John (and myself) he wasn’t the one who cared. When everything’s bad, you suddenly realize that you can not despair - it’s the road to nowhere, so you just find a way and go for it.

Although I’ve always been kind of shy and insecure, I had to pull myself together and do something. So I started looking for a way a young mom can make money.

A young mom should understand that not all work at home jobs suit them. For example, they can’t work on the phone since a constant ringing would bother the baby. A job that needs their constant attention isn’t good too since they always need to have time for their child. Urgent jobs are also not good for that matter. So it took me some time to find a variant that suited me perfectly.

Now Jessica, who commited her life to online trading, works whenever and wherever she wants.

One day while I was surfing the web I came across a YouTube video about “Bitcoin Era” Crypto. It was a video tutorial on making money online. I got interested as the scheme seemed to be very simple.

So I started looking for more information and discovered Facebook groups, where people discussed trading strategies and tips. I learned that Bitcoin Era was one of the simplest and “cheapest” trading platforms and was a good beginner training platform. I knew John wouldn’t approve me trading, I didn’t want him to find out and kept it a secret.

It worked from the day one. I just understood the simple steps I should take and made my first $100 within an hour! At first I thought there might be some trick and they’ll get that money back having some excuse, but I withdrew it and nothing happened!

Jessica and her new Mercedes Gelandewagen bought with the money she made trading Bitcoin Era.

Jessica’s Successful Trading Instructions Step by Step

You know, I agreed to tell you my story just so people know what they’re getting into. It’d be good to share my knowledge, because if it wasn’t for someone sharing their knowledge with me, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.

1. Create an account. It's absolutely free. Visit Bitcoin Era website by clicking here. The website page will be opened in a new window or tab. You may switch between windows or tabs to follow these steps. Here’s what you’ll see first:

2. Click the "Start earning" blue button. Enter your email. Congratulations, your account has been created!

You’ll be shown a tutorial explaining what Crypto are. I recommend you to complete it, it won't take long. It shows what actions you should take to make money.

3. After the tutorial you’ll see your account. When you register for a free account they will fund you with $1000 of demo funds. You can see them at the top of the screen:

You can try trading using this demo money. It's absolutely FREE! Don't worry, you don't have to pay for it at all.

4. The further steps are very easy:

I. Choose a currency pair. For example, to choose the EUR/USD currency pair (as shown in the picture) click on the EUR/USD.
II. Make an investment. Minimum investment you can make is $1.
III. Choose expiry time. Expiry time is the time limit until which your prediction will have to come true in order for you to win. Minimum expiry time is 1 minute. I usually choose 1 or 5 minutes.
IV. Make your prediction and click either UP or DOWN button. The deal is open after you click one of the buttons.

5. Wait for the time you chose as the expiry time. If your prediction comes true you’ll see a window:

Congratulations! You turned $10 into $19 in one minute. I told you - it's very simple!

When I asked Jessica if he would show me his e-wallet as I’d never seen such amount of money he eagerly agreed to do so:

From this experience I learned that you should trust life and your inner feelings. I learned to talk to myself frankly, to face the situation and look for the most effective solutions. Even if you’re a young mom - do not give up. Never give up.


  • Anastasia What a lucky girl you are, Jessica!
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  • Mary Girl, she’s not lucky just clever enough to understand that Crypto are not some fraud! It’s 2018 and people are still afraid of trading online!
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  • Angelica wow she’s cute
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  • Lisa Thanks for the article! That’s exactly what I need at the moment! I’ve just created an account and deposited my first $10…
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  • Hillary dear god another unreal “success” story! i’m 35, still living with my parents and working for $20 a month. where is my luck??
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  • Anna You should try doing something before saying that’s unreal! I make good money (enough for my family and me) trading.
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  • Susan Do you trade this Bitcoin Era binary option?
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  • Anna Yeah. I’ve started trading another one, but that one isn’t even worth mentioning - total fraud. Bitcoin Era is pretty decent. I usually make $100 a week
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  • Laura True! I've been trading Bitcoin Era for 6 months already and my income is $800. Per day! I trade every day while travelling the world.
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  • Sarah You shouldn’t spoil your child, Jessica….
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