Why Bitcoin is Here to Stay


In 2017 thousands of millionaires were created when Bitcoin rose from €1,000 to €19,000 - an 1800% increase. Many billionaires, top level CEOs and wall-street strategists predict that the Bitcoin will increase to levels between a conservative €50,000/Coin to a high of €1,000,000/Coin by the end of 2020. Most of us see Bitcoin as an investment with no use in real life. Kind of like gold or oil. Something you add to your investment portfolio and check on its price once in a while. But in reality, more and more businesses, enterprises and industries use Bitcoin on a daily basis. Here are just a few notable examples of how crypto is evolving our day to day lives:

Hungry for a pizza? What about a sandwich? Chicken dinner? Pizza Hut, Subway and KFC are already accepting Bitcoin payments. How about a vacation? Expedia and CheapAir can put your crypto to work. A new Xbox? Dating? A new TV? Microsoft, OkCupid and Newegg help you turn Crypto into material things.

Online Shopping

From Bill Gates to Floyd Mayweather, from Al Gore to Jamie Foxx, countless politicians, influencers, business people and celebrities vouch for Bitcoin and crypto, giving it a status above other traded assets. More and more private deals are tailored with the help of Bitcoins raising its recognition worldwide. 

Celebrity Endorsments

One of Bitcoin's and cryptocurrency's major breakthroughs is the fact that all you need to use it is a cellphone with internet. This has led to a wide adoption of Bitcoin, especially in weaker countries in Africa or the Far East where the banking system is not developed well. In these countries where citizens don't trust the national currency they often turn to Bitcoin and crypto for stability.

Global Reach

All these indicators show one important thing. Bitcoin is here to stay and not just as an investment. The fact that more and more businesses, websites and private people use in on a daily basis means that Bitcoin is not only a temporary bubble, but something of substantial value for the future.

So how do you actually buy Bitcoins? In order to do that you need to trade real currency (fiat) with Bitcoins, which is done in crypto exchanges.

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