A New Year has come – and as usual many people have different New Year resolutions. Some people vow to exercise more, others want to finally find love and others yet want to spoil themselves with something new.

If you had €100, what would you buy with it? A nice pair of Jeans with a matching shirt? Buy a plane ticket to Barcelona or London? A new console? Invite all your friends to a restaurant? What's clear is that if you could go back to 2017 you would probably invest in cryptocurrency.

Crypto has had a phenomenal year. Everyone heard on the news about Bitcoin which rose from €1,000 to €19,000 - an 1800% increase. This means that if you invested €100 in Bitcoin in January 1st, your Bitcoin would have been worth 1900€. However, not many heard about other cryptocurrencies that rose to even crazier numbers than Bitcoin.

What Can €100 Do For You In 2018?

For example Monero, rose (2444%) which would leave you with €2,540 at the end of the year, Litecoin (5116%) - €5,216, Ethereum (8665%) - €8,765 and had you invested €100 on January 1st in Ripple (30634%) you would have cleared over €30,700 on New Year.

While these altcoins may have already had their big rise, many other currencies are still waiting for their breakthrough and with the right analytical tools, knowledge, and the right crypto exchange you can profit as well in 2018.





2018 is here and it brings with it new opportunities with crypto prices at a new low. 

Now is your time to enter the market with confidence and security.

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