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How Michael B. From London, UK Earned £ 7,530 in Just 15 Days!

Learn How to Trade The Financial Markets and Potentially Earn up to 70% in 15 Days.

Nowadays, it seems even an average person can change their luck and get rich overnight. The Traders Journal created this report to unmask the truth behind this new and revolutionary way to earn money online.

Social networks are a buzz with ongoing discussions, and apparently anyone can earn easily by trading online, just like Michael B. a family man from London, UK. Who used this “secret system” to his benefit.

The Trader’s Journal wanted to investigate this secret system and see how much of this buzz is really true.

The system Michael B. used to make his fortune with is called a CFD, also known as a “Contract for Difference”. The CFD method became so popular worldwide, that when the trend reached the American political administration, the US financial sector tried to conceal it.

Luckily, this trading system is not restricted nor prohibited in other parts of the world and as such has created an unprecedented number of new millionaires since it was introduced in 2015. In fact, CFDs have created more millionaires in a relatively short time than the lottery, and many financial consulting companies have portfolios that consist mainly of CFDs.

It should be emphasized that these newly rich people all held normal jobs, as lawyers, bankers, construction workers and some were even unemployed. Unlike old fashioned methods, for example Lottery, there is no relying on blind luck to earn a great fortune, and all it requires is a few hours a week. Before Michael knew about CFDs he used to work as a sales clerk in a sporting goods store and earned £5 an hour.

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After opening an account with the broker, Michael decided to create an online diary about his CFD trading experience and profits over 15 days..

Day 1
I signed up for an account, a website recommended by a friend, and the registration process was quite simple. I watched some videos that explained the basics, but I was still skeptical. It seemed too easy. I got a phone call from a representative, who explained more about the platform and, also, that if I did not feel comfortable I could simply withdraw my money at any time. Hearing this really helped me to settle some of my doubts. I deposited £100 using my debit card and received a 50% bonus which allowed me to start trading with £150. Although I hadn’t been too familiar with stock markets, I had heard about CFDs which sounded exciting. With the click of a button I chose a couple of investments at £ 50 a piece. After making my initial investments, I decided to call it a day. I turned off my phone and went to sleep as early as I could (with 2 kids early is usually after 11pm).

Day 3
I got up early and went to work. On the way there, I decided to check some of my investments. I nearly dropped my coffee cup on the floor in disbelief. The investment had already doubled! I could not believe it – I earned more than I made in a single day of work all while I was sleeping!

“I couldn’t believe how easy trading CFDs was. I wish I had known about it earlier.”

Later in the day, I got another call from a man who introduced himself as my account manager. He asked me if I had any knowledge of stock exchanges and said he was very impressed with my profits. I laughed and said I didn’t have the slightest clue about stock exchanges and that I am a complete rookie! He laughed and said, “If you continue have this success, you can say goodbye to your day job”.

Day 5
I got up as usual and thought I could stay in bed a little longer. Yesterday, I made so much money that I wouldn’t need to work another double shift this month. I realized that the system was simple and that anyone could use it. I used to think that only brokers could take advantage of the markets and make a fortune, but I managed to earn so much money in just three days! My account manager contacted me again during lunch and we talked about the strategy to use when trading CFDs. By the end of my lunch break I had already earned £1200 and my balance was £2,400. I started dreaming about what I could do with all that money. I could pay off my credit card debt for sure. I went to sleep smiling.

Day 7
I made a couple of trades this morning and grew more successful with each trade, but I kept my cool and didn’t let it get to my head. My account manager taught me to never invest with your heart, just with your head. His advice worked, and my trades have now grown more and more! I already have earned £ 3,700. I have never made this much money in a day of work. If I continue like this, I could take my wife and children on the trip we’ve always dreamed of. They have no idea of my success and I wanted to surprise them. I made a reservation at one of the most elegant restaurants in the city – one that my wife and I have always wanted to go to but could never afford. I called the babysitter for the children and told my wife to be ready for an unforgettable evening. Everything was perfect and when I told her how much I earned in just 4 days she was in shock and just started to laugh.

CFDs are The New Millionaires Tool

Day 10
I decided to take a day off work to stay at home and relax. After reaching £ 4,500, my initial joy began to mix with doubt. How can make sure I won’t loose all my profits in the next trade? Fortunately, I received a call from Brighter Trade. Apparently, I was upgraded to VIP – a star trader! The VIP manager greeted me and explained that she would help me to both handle trades and manage the wealth that I accumulated. After this, I made several more investments and then went to do a few things. First, I went to the bank to pay my credit debt of £ 1,250. Next, I transferred £ 1,000 to my parents so they could buy the kitchen they have always wanted. Then I put some money aside for my children. With my activities done, it was now time to get something for myself. The investments were still doing very well! The balance was now £ 2,250, even after everything I spent! I went to the BMW dealership and I took a BMW M2 for a test drive – it made me feel invincible! I know that if I will keep on trading CFD I will shortly be able to buy the car of my dreams.

Day 12
I woke up and decided I could do something better with my life than be a salesperson. Why should I work so many hours a day and get yelled at by my boss all for such a low salary? I had financial independence, which means I really didn’t have to stay at my job and work. I could stay at home and trade and relax all day. I took a limo to work just to see the faces of my co-workers and my manager as I got out of the limousine. I walked directly to my manager’s office and gave him my resignation notice. Then I went to the kitchen and left my coworkers a large gift basket. They all assumed I had won the lottery, but I laughed and said it was actually much easier than winning the lottery.

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Day 15
Today is my final diary entry. It’s been 15 days since I started trading and I’ve never felt better. It’s Sunday, so I’m at home relaxing with my wife and children. After reading the newspaper and finishing my coffee, I took out my phone to check my balance. My account reflected a balance of £ 7,530. I withdrew £ 6,530 to put into my bank account and left £ 1,000 for future investments. When the money reached my bank account, I got a call from my bank and was asked by the manager where this amount of money came from. I told him it was CFDs. The line went quiet.
After an awkward silence, he replied he thought this might be the case (apparently, I was not the only one who got rich using this method) and his tone quickly changed. He was excited and invited me to discuss what he called “investment opportunities”. I couldn’t believe that last week I was denied a credit card increase because of my debt and that I even had to beg this same manager for approval just to be able to cover my bills.

It’s been 50 days since I started trading with During this period, I traded for an average of 30 minutes a day. My bank account has just reached £ 35,045 in less then two months of trading. Can you imagine where I’ll be a year from now?

Michael with his wife after buying the car of their dreams.

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